An Association of North Aegean Business Consultants was established

An Association of North Aegean Business Consultants was established. Among the aims of the Association, apart from the self-evident promotion of cooperation between its members and the defense of their professional rights, is the advisory support of professional associations, Chambers, Local Government Organizations and other social bodies in the Region of North Aegean, the advisory support of the State in general on investment policy issues with emphasis on policies to mitigate the consequences of insularity,  the actions to attract investments in the North Aegean and the highlighting of the comparative advantages of our islands in terms of investment potential and in general any action that contributes directly or indirectly to the improvement of the standard of living and the socio-economic conditions of the inhabitants of the North Aegean islands.

The first Board of Directors has the following composition

  1. Panagiotis Myritzis, President
  2. Georgios Epitropakis, Vice-President
  3. Pantelis Karadoukas, General Secretary
  4. Pantelis Dimitrakopoulos, Treasurer
  5. Spyros Efstratiou, member
  6. Elias Malamatinas, member
  7. Georgios Perris, member

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