An Association of North Aegean Business Consultants was established

An Association of North Aegean Business Consultants was established. Among the aims of the Association, apart from the self-evident promotion of cooperation between its members and the defense of their professional rights, is the advisory support of professional associations, Chambers, Local Government Organizations and other social bodies in the Region of North Aegean, the advisory […]

Νέος Επενδυτικός Νόμος

With a percentage of 75% the financing (subsidy) of investments in the North Aegean

Among the highest motives of the new Investment Law are the islands of the North Aegean.   As it is known, at the beginning of February the New Investment Law was published in a Government Gazette (attached at the end of the article), while according to information, within the current month (June 2022) the first Call[…..]


Business subsidy for the recruitment of unemployed persons aged 30 and over, with emphasis on Women

The deadline for the submission of applications by businesses for the business grant program for the employment of unemployed persons aged 30 and over in the regions in transition (MET) is extended until 27 May 2022 (at 15:00), with a focus on women. Specifically, the 12-month program subsidizes the recruitment of 5,000 unemployed in the[…..]

The regional aid map of Greece

Greece’s regional aid map for the period 2022-2027 was approved with increased percentages

With increased rates by 5-25% the regional aid map of Greece for the period 2022-2027, under the revised regional aid guidelines (‘RAG’), was approved by the European Commission, in line with EU State aid rules. Regional state aid for the period 2022-2027 is increased by 5-25% compared to the rates in force in the previous[…..]

Private Investments for the Sustainable Develpment of the FISHERIES areas of Chios island, Greece

The period for the submission of proposals to the Local Program “Private investments for the sustainable development of the Fisheries areas of the island of Chios” began on Friday 10/09/2021 and will last until Monday 29/11/2021.   ACTIONS FINANCED Fishing tourism actions (Investments that contribute to the diversification of fishermen’s income through the development of[…..]